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Explore Our Programs

Our programs are designed specifically for incarcerated individuals seeking to build the necessary skills to prepare them for their transition to the modern workplace. Quick Links: Explore our programs About our initiatives Subscribe to our news updates Refer a student

Admissions Process

Apprentice Program Admissions - Correspondence Program (Distance Education & in-person) After completing the Thriving Warrior application for admission, your application will be evaluated for placement. This process generally can take up to seven business days. Upon acceptance, you will be notified by our admissions team. Journeyman Program Admissions - On Campus Program (Las Vegas, NV) After you have completed the Apprentice Program, you are eligible for placement in to our in-person Las Vegas campus Journeyman program. Employment Planning Workshop Admissions - On Campus Program (Las Vegas, NV) Upon completing both the Apprentice & Journeyman programs, students are eligible to be admitted to the Employment Planning Workshop.

How to Apply

Ready to get started? Start your journey today and submit your application by clicking the Admissions Application button below.

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― Leo Buscaglia