We do 3 things:

  1. We help people while in prison,
  2. We help people get out of prison, and
  3. We help people stay out of prison.
Our Neuroscience approach to learning helps underprivileged individuals learn the skills that are necessary to become a valuable member of society.

The Apprentice Program is the first program of our three-part neuroscience oriented approach to learning. This program is designed to introduce learners to the needed communication and change management skills to successfully transition from prison life. 

The Journeyman Program is the second program of our three-part neuroscience approach to learning. This program guides students as they refine their skills and prepare to enter the Employment Planning Workshop. 

The Employment Planning Workshop is the last program of our neuroscience approach to learning. During the workshop students develop resumes, cover letters, and interview skills. Students are placed in to job opportunities with partnered employers.

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